Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tiger's Latest Controversy

We may have all seen it by now and if you haven't well I posted it, either way Tiger's new Nike ad is in the news for the controversial language used. I understand if you think you've read this story before that's because you have, in 2010 after Tiger's now famous press conference. Nike released this ad with Earl Woods, Tiger's father speaking to his son. But these types of ads are nothing new from Nike, you only have to search for Charles Barkley "I Am Not A Role Model" to see Nike has been doing this for years! (Alright you don't have to search Turrible) What I find funny is the people who are up in arms taking to social media to attack Nike and Tiger. We're all talking about it, I'm blogging about, It's international news, and it's the truth. That's what all the media and detractors alike have wanted from one Eldrick Tont Woods over the last few years. Fact is as a society we like the comeback/underdog story, and it's not like Tiger fell sub 100 like Sergio Garcia or even 200 like say Lee Westwood. He's always been the best in the world even when he was a lowly 58 in the OWGR. 

And if you need to know how they feel about the ad in Beaverton Oregon, just look to the print in the bottom right corner Victory! (Johnny Drama Voice) Besides it's not like he shot someone...


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