Thursday, 18 April 2013

John Daly the Nike Athlete?

     John Daly an athlete seems like a run of the mill oxymoron, but its not that far from the truth. Well he may not be marketed like a Tiger or Rory, and well he's gotten less attention then David Duval. The other major champion Nike added to the stable this year. whom didn't receive the same fan fair as Rory and his water show.

    I've mentioned before that tiger doesn't move the needle he is the needle.If there's another golfer in the modern era that has a cult following it has to be John Daly. If its not his shirtless/shoeless exhibition, or the annual appearances at Hooters Augusta, to his affiliation with LoudMouth Golf. John Daly has to be the real life version of Happy Gilmore, lets be honest he hits the ball a county mile and I'm sure he's been hit in the face. Once I start to think about it he might be golf's version of Charlie Sheen, and if you look at his head covers you might be able to argue he has some tiger-blood running through his veins too.

   Regardless of all the jokes and public blunderers we've witnessed over the years you can't denied John Daly can golf his ball. You only need to reference his two major victories ('91 PGA & '95 Open) to see that. And its going to be hard to keep him out of golf's hall of fame when guys like Freddie Couples and Davis Love III call themselves HOF'er, with one major respectfully.

   So what bought this post on was golfwrx recent video with Sara Brown and photos included. It seems John is playing 10 Nike clubs: Driver, Fairways, Hybrid, Irons and Putter, the only clubs that aren't Nike are the four John Daly wedges by Warrior Golf. John is even wearing Nike lunar Golf shoes. IMO Nike needs to sign Daly then they can promote two of golf's great guts...

Carl Petterson

John Daly

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                              Who can blame a guy for spending time with friends at Hooters?


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