Monday, 13 May 2013

The Feud That Was...The Players

  This year may go down as the year of the tiger on the PGA tour, and rightfully so. With all that Is he back? Can he ever be the old Tiger?  He answered all the haters and fanatic fans with his play and post round comments "I'm still getting better". That's a scary prospect for everyone he plays against not for the Tour though that's needs the biggest story leaving this week to about the GOLF, not the lawsuits. If you managed to miss that Vijay Singh is suing the tour over the treatment he received with his use of once banned substance IGF-1. One thing is for sure I'll never look at milk the same way. Vijay waited for Wednesday before the The Players the tour flagship event to file his suit. That's dominated headlines heading into Thursday. But with names like Tiger, Rory and Sergio atop the leaderboard we had something more interesting to discuss.

    And that's who's truly Tiger's rival and before the weekend was over we would who isn't. If you live under a rock and somehow missed the drama caused by comments from both Sergio vs Tiger. Saturdays round saw the two of them grouped together and if like me you  had picked Sergio to content if not with the event. This was a bad sign. Just so you know I called the disaster Friday night. (Follow me @Azariahpaul)

    And with weather delays on Saturday it allowed both Tiger and Sergio to speak to the media about how they really felt about each other and the incident on the 2nd hole. Where if you ask me Sergio lost this tournament, and as you can see from the countless articles, these two don't like each other. That's might be a stretch cause Sergio hates Tiger. And Tiger just enjoys destroying his competition and Sergio was merely in his cross-hairs. So we fast forward to the meltdown the often emotional Sergio stood on the island green 17th tee, just one shot back of Tiger who in the penultimate group was walking to the tee in 18th. This maybe the most important swing in his career he had a chance to become the player we had thought he should have been in 1999. He was finally going to be the true rival to Tiger we saw when he was 2nd in the world. Well guess what if you didn't know we got to see the real life Roy McAvoy. ( #TinCup was trending worldwide on twitter) 

   Sergio in a fashion only he and movie characters could dunked not one but two balls in the water.(Family Guy inspired replay) On his way to making a quad, seven on the par three. His chances gone he managed to make a double on the 18th. My easy win in my fantasy pool gone so when he went on to call himself a victim in the press following. I felt he was guilty of making me the victim of his self destruction.

Scene of the fantasy crime
   And then here's Tiger he doesn't crack down the stretch we'll see this before its nothing new. But  there's some interesting numbers that came out of the win. Tiger has now won his 100th, 200th, 300th event on tour. It's the fastest he's ever got to four wins in a year. This was his 78th PGA tour win. He's still #1 in the world and the FedEx Cup and now has made 5,849,600 dollars in seven events. I don't care if he's better than Tiger in 2000-2001, the 2013 version is better the rest of the world the numbers don't lie. Also reminds me of my first post...



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