Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Good, Bad & Ugly.... Rule 14-1b

    As has been the trend for the last few weeks in the world of golf... you might need a legal degree to  understand what's going on. And today we finally received the official word that anchoring a putter to your body is now illegal. Let's be honest we all knew this day was coming and six months ago when the rule was first introduced, if you thought the R&A and USGA were about to say psych today. well you might have been the only one.

   I'm neutral on the new rule I can see the value to uphold the tradition of the game and all. But you really have to ask why now? When the longer putter can be traced back almost 100 years, I can completely understand that argument. As such golf's ruling bodies have witnessed the anchor slam, only now it's finally to change the advantage these guys have. And the other side says you don't have to stop using your broom stick or belly putter, just the way you use it.  Adam Scott said it best when asked after his Masters win, he stated he'll only move the putter an inch off his body and not much will change.As you can see from Golf Digest latest slide-show, there's still a number of ways to putt if you have the yip's.

   The questions I choose to ask are why does golf have to take so long to change? If we can tiger-proof  major venues for the young bomber within years of 1997. Then change the groves on wedges quickly for the pros, that's another rule which amateurs don't have to follow until 2016 as well. (True be told the wedge issue dates back to the 80's early 90's just look up the history of the Ping Eye 2) Why does it take almost 40 years to come to a rule change for a putting style that's almost a century old?

   So do the ruling bodies realize that it's the seemingly unfair and uptight approach to the game, which will only continue the exclusive country club image, that drives so many away from the game. For a sport that has taken a step forward with the Olympics in 2016. Why does today feel like two steps back at attracting and keeping players alike?

I don't have the answers... I'm just,


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