Sunday, 7 July 2013

Rory v. The World or Just a Robot

      I'm not going to write another story detailing the struggles of young Rory McIlroy this to me is a played out story. He's young, it's not the first time he's had a slump.You only have to look at last year to see he'll turn it around. If you need more proof remember the bounce back following the 2011 Masters and the following US Open, where he won his first major. 

      Alright If you like me and play the occasional game of Risk factions (azapaul on PS3 if you want to lose), you may like robots. So maybe you don't but one thing is for sure since joining team Nike Rory has become an even bigger star and his ads are only improving. While I know this isn't a Nike ad their products are still featured. As for the European Tour which this ad happens to be for, lately they've managed to bring Ryder Cup success to advertising. If you haven't seen the Padraig Harrington ad check it out too.
 This is what you here for enjoy;

- The.Frozen.Golfer

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